Sekolah Rendah Layong, Tutong II
One aim: To Strive For Success

Before the mid year exams actually started three of our pupils' from Year 1, 2 and 3 were selected to compete in a mental computation competition at Sekolah Rendah Benutan, Tutong II. We didn't manage to come out winners but at least our pupils' gave it their best, well done and keep it up boys!!

Second MMR Dosage

Pupils' had their worse nightmare came true when doctors and nurses came to our school to give a MMR injection to pupils'. It wasn't the nurses or the doctors that scared them but rather for them it's the injection bit.

Early May......

Every early of the month, we teachers had planned out to have a recital of the Surah Yassin, this is benefitial for pupils' especially those from Year6 who will be sitting for their PSR Examination this coming October. This month is rather special as one of the pupils' from Year6 will be reciting theSurah Yassin rather than the actual teacher.

Participation from all pupils' from every level.

Teachers and pupils' reciting the Surah Yassin

Uztazah Rohani guiding Khairul Azwan to recite the Surah Yassin